Saturday, September 4, 2010

Purple and White Stripes Baby Jacket

How many of these things am I going to need? I do not know, but I just feel like making a bunch!

My baby is expected in summer, so I really don't know how many of these will be worn if at all! I guess if they don't get used they might make nice gifts for someone else. The jackets I've been making are different sizes, so maybe some will fit for the first winter. I've already started on my next baby jacket which is white!

This one was easy and boring to do. If I use this pattern again, I'll try and use a more interesting stitch. I think the stripes saved me from absolute monotony! This simple baby set pattern comes from the Lion Brand Yarn website, to access their free patterns all you have to do is register. This is the same site I got the baby socks pattern from.

I drew up this simple pattern on a square piece of card. This way I could do it while watching tv, when I prefer not to have to read patterns. The square board is as big as the back of the jacket, and I've made markings for the sleeves and front sections. This pattern really was very straight forward and easy, all you have to do is make 5 rectangular shapes and sew them together. But instead of making up the sleeves separately, I just worked them right onto the made up vest in rounds.

I used my left over purple and white dimples yarn from Lincraft, I think I used the 4mm hook. I chose some very cute recycled flower buttons, and gave them a quick scrub with Earth Choice detergent and a recycled toothbrush so they came up just like new.

Although this is newborn size, it looks a bit bigger than that to me.

<3 <3

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  1. Hi Teena, it is lovely to make little garments as you await the arrival of your little one.
    However, in Brisbane, I imagine your baby will be in a singlet with a very light sheet instead of a bunny rug.
    With all best wishes - jan


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