Saturday, January 9, 2016

Little Lavender Sachet, FREE Pattern

I woke early this morning and decided I needed to try making a lavender sachet to include in a woolen bunny rug package. I used the vintage inspired square as an idea, I didn't follow it exactly, just did an eight petal flower then turned it into a square. Then I made another square but this time didn't fasten off, but sc around the edge on three sides of the two squares forming a bag. Then I went around the top in dc, then scalloped the top edge. Finally, I made a chain to weave in between the dc of the second last row to form a drawstring. Yay! A lavender sachet!
the lavender sachet will be filled will lavender to help protect woollen rugs from pests
Little Lavender Sachet FREE Pattern
2mm hook and 4 ply cotton
Vintage Inspired Square, make two, fasten off the first one, do not fasten off the 2nd
1. 3 ch, sl st into 1st ch to form loop, 4 ch (form 1st dc and ch sp), dc ch 1 into loop 7 times (a wheel of 8 spokes)
2. (sl st into next ch sp, 2 ch, 3 dc into same ch sp, 2 ch, sl st into same ch sp) repeat for every ch sp (a flower of 8 petals)
3. 3 sl st up to centre of next petal, 1 ch sc, 5 ch (sc in top of next petal, 5 ch) repeat for every petal, sl st into 1st sc
4. 3 ch, 5 dc into same, (3 ch sc into next ch sp, 3 ch sc into next ch sp, 3 ch sc into next ch sp, 6 dc into next sc at top of petal) repeat for each corner, 3 ch sc into next ch sp, 3 ch sc into next ch sp, 3 ch sc into next ch sp, 3 ch sl st into 3rd ch from start of round, fasten off 1st square, repeat for 2nd square but do not fasten off
5. lay the two squares on top of each other right sides facing out, sl st to 3rd dc of 2nd square, sc in each dc of BOTH squares, 3 sc into ch sp of BOTH squares, etc around 3 sides of two squares to form bag
6. 3 ch dc into next around top of bag, sl st into 3rd ch
7. (sk next dc, 5 dc into next, sk next dc, sl st into next dc) repeat to end
8. ch 30, fasten off loosely, weave the chain through the dc of 2nd last round to end, undo the fasten off and finish with a couple of sl st to form drawstring, fasten off and weave in ends


  1. I am loving this pattern, I am currently making them up, putting in small purple organza bags and filling them with lavender. I will be making an Etsy shop to sell them along with my other crochet makes, I will be sure to link back to here to recognise your work. I have had a read through your blog and already think you are wonderful, especially as you are Horde ;) Thank you for giving my life a little rosy colour, much love from Wales xx

  2. Glad you like the pattern! And good luck for the sales. For the Horde! lolzz

  3. What yarn did you use and needle size?
    Thank you for sharing I am making this for friends.

    1. Hi Debra, I think I used a 2mm hook and 4 ply cotton, I hope this helps!


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