Monday, December 2, 2019

Blue and Round Bunny Rug

I just don't remember when I made this, but it must have been months ago, maybe even last year. I've just sewn in the ends this morning and took some photos! I used a 3.5mm hook and 4ply acrylic yarn. I didn't make it for anyone in particular, just did it for fun!

Water Bottle Cosy

I just quickly made this cosy up for my water bottle, it was easy and quick. I used 8 ply cotton and a 4 mm hook. The base is just a flat circle of 3 rounds, then straight up the sides with mesh. Lastly, I finished with a length of chain to weave in and out of the last row of stitches to form a string pull. Fun!
water bottle cosy in 8 ply cotton

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