Saturday, May 11, 2024

Hexagon Socks

Today, I found out via a crochet group on facebook that you can make socks out of hexagons! I've made a few hexagon jackets as I really appreciate the simplicity of the idea, but socks as well??!! How easy! This was the youtube video that shows you how!

a pair of homemade hexagon socks

I thought I might give it try and went hunting for yarn in my stash. I didn't find any but wondered if I could frog something from my collection of unfinished projects and some variegated yarn caught my eye. When I pulled it out, I discovered it was 2 hexagons! It must have been fate that these unused pieces were destined to become socks! They had about 15 rounds and weren't granny hexagons but that was ok! I think they must have been for a hexagon jacket for my son but I had changed my mind, it was lucky I had saved them! 
one of two hexagons in the pile of unfinished projects

The hardest thing turning these hexagons into socks was unravelling the unnecessary rounds. I had to slip stitch to the corner as the rounds were half way through the side. I thought I could get them onto my son's feet, which are ginormous! I worked out that they needed 12 rounds to fit his feet. The pattern is quite straight forward, and Sirin's Crochet does a great job explaining it! That's a win for today I am thinking!

hexagon socks on large feet

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