Monday, August 31, 2020

Review of Lite n Easy

 Firstly I will say I absolutely loved being on Lite n Easy! The food was great, always fresh and lots of variety. I really enjoyed being told what to eat and looked forward to every day to see what I would be eating. I ate a little something every 2 hours over a 10 hour period so I was never famished, its really helped me adjust my appetite and learn more about portion sizes. I chose the 1500 calories per day option and was on it for 7 weeks in total and lost 2 kilograms in weight.


Lite n Easy is very flexible, and it has no contracts which is fabulous. I was able to choose 5 lunches for each week for the 1st couple of weeks, then I went with the full 7 days with breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


There is a lot of choice with the evening dinners, and for Spring they have just added a 3rd choice for lunches so you can now choose vegetarian meals. This was a big bonus for me as when I joined I could not go vegetarian every day, but now you can. It would be great if you could choose which fruits you can eat, as you can clearly substitute fruits. I was given a lot of oranges which I didn't eat but substituted with apples or strawberries.

There are heaps of choices for vegetarians like these yummy frozen dinners that can be heated in the oven.


The menu is on a 4 week rotation, with lots of choices so you never get sick of eating the same thing. Every now and again you even get a little cake, like double choc cake, walnut and date loaf, appple and banana bread and the delightful orange with chocolate chip cake. The little cakes are definately on the small side but you can really savour them and they are all you need! 

The little cakes are delightful!

Some food is Frozen

Heating the frozen food in the microwave was okay, but I found that heating the frozen dinners in the oven was much more preferable. For the first dinner I didn't realise you could heat it in the oven and microwaved the tortellini, but when I had it again on another night, heating it in the oven it was much better. I found I needed to heat the dinners in the oven for 55 minutes for it to be hot enough, instead of the recommended 40 minutes.


Everything is individually packaged (so there is a lot of plastic) but you are paying for the convenience. I could feed myself each week for a fraction of the price, but I still really appreciate going on it as I have learnt so much in a short time. My budget just doesn't allow me to be on it all the time which is disappointing, but I will find the funds for next time I go on it.

Concluding Thoughts

  I'm hoping to continue losing weight (I have about 20kg to lose!) by mimicking the diet, but intend to get Lite n Easy again when I need to reset my appetite. If I find the diet I design is not working I will definately get Lite n Easy again.

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