Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seeing Pink

Throughout my life, I've owned several pairs of rose-coloured glasses. What started off as a performance costume item become something of a 'statement'! This is my post for this week's Pink Saturday which is hosted by Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound.

The first pair of pink sunglasses I bought cost me $10 I think, and it was an impulse buy. It was during a period of time that I was collecting brightly coloured items to add to the performance costumes for my children's entertainment group called the 'Tootee Fwoots'. My business was often employed to provide family entertainment, mostly by the city councils in Darwin and Palmerston for 'Fun in the Park' days and events, and sometimes by the shopping centres and sports clubs for their family days.

One day, my normal pair of sunnies broke, and I couldn't bare to go out into the daylight without a pair, especially in Darwin after I'd had a late night! I did have this pair of rose-coloured glasses, so chucked them on. I loved how they made the bright cloudless blue sky a pretty shade of lavender, and decided I should make a statement! During the day I was working as an early childhood teacher, so I needed to stay positive and chipper and these glasses were just the ticket!

Eventually, my first pair of pink glasses broke, but I kept one of the pink lenses as a memento. It now lives in my small blue trinket box where tiny special memories are collected. After I bought the first pair and fell in love with them, I tended to buy any cheap pink glasses I came across. I think the pink ones here with the thick plastic frames might have only cost me $5! I still have these two pairs left, but I don't wear them any more. But I think it's important to remember that period of my life, when I was free and brash. Some people thought I was a bit strange for wearing pink sunglasses, but plenty more people understood what I was saying, that it was a tongue-poke at a silly world that took itself too seriously.

Now, I think back to the time when I used to wear pink sunnies. It was a good time, but there does come a point when we must take off our rose-coloured glasses to look at the world and accept it for what it is. I am learning to sit with it, look at it, not to buy into it, not to argue with it, for the world is as it is. But sometimes, seeing the Pink is not a bad thing either, and good to keep in mind, to come back to and remember.

Be sure to check out pretty pinks @ Pink Saturday.

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  1. Yay..i loveed this post..rock on with the pink sunglasses!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Teena, fascinating life you've led, and wisdom you've gained.
    Thanks for stopping by and your comments.
    Hugs - Jan

  3. Hi Teena, Love this post. Life can be rosey if we want to see it that way. With or without the glasses!! Love your pic shades.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I enjoyed my visit again.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  4. I was always very conservative when it came to dressing. Put me in a t-shirt and jeans and I was happy! And I always chose comfort over fashion (still do!) Maybe it's my getting older, but I've started experimenting with different types of clothes; even vintage and discovered how much fun it can be. I haven't yet tried pink sunglasses, but never say never!


  5. I love looking at life through rose colored glasses. Love the happy post!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. I love this post- how cool. I've thought of getting rose tint on my daywear glasses but I've not been sure...

    Happy PS!
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"


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