Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nice Navy Blue Beanie

This could very well be the nicest beanie I've made so far. Although I don't know why I used a 3mm hook with fine wool like this, it took me ages! I'm glad my brother liked this beanie enough to wear so I gave it to him! This is my post for Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sally.

This was going to just be a simple beanie like others I've made, but because the hook was small and the wool was fine, it was taking a lot longer to finish. It's nice and neat but I was getting bored, so I just had to add in some pattern, didn't I? The pattern isn't too feminine I think and would be fine for a man to wear, this is an adult sized beanie.

I made up the patterned part because I was bored. It's a three row pattern repeated three times, I'll try and write it out. It's a bit hard to explain, but it looked good in the end. I used cheap craft wool from Lincraft for this, it was on special for $2. I don't mind using cheap wool while I'm still learning, one day I will use nicer yarn.

Repeated 3 round pattern
1. ch3, db tr (American treble) in next treble (American double), skip 2 trebles, db (American single), repeat to end
2. turn and go the opposite way to all other rounds, ch 3, db tr into st ch sp (American treble), db into 2nd ch sp (American single)
3. turn back to the same way for all rounds except round 2, 4 db tr into each chain space (American treble)

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  1. It looks pretty good job making it. Happy blue Monday.

  2. Dear Tina,
    you navy blue beanie is really very cute ,just like your other cute crochet stuff ,i would like to try one .
    hugs Rachana

  3. I love the trim that you added; it adds interest to a pretty cap. Happy Blue Monday.

  4. You do beautiful hand work. That little beanie is a great piece of work. I might wear one of those.

  5. That is beautiful! Well done. I'm a crocheter, too. Happy Blue Monday~

  6. Great work. The pattern looks like it was a lot of work.Come by and visit when you get the time. Debbie

  7. Oooo,you do beautiful handwork. It's specially nice for Blue Monday.Wishing you a wonderful week,,

  8. Hats off to you!!!! I love that, and so wish I knew how to do this...I'd be making beanies all day long!! I really want to learn, if time permits! Happy Blue Monday!!

  9. lovely blue.
    u r creative and smart.

  10. Oh thank you for thinking my mural was worthy of being chosen to be highlighted on your page! Its truly an honor. Debbie

  11. I suppose because the wool only cost $2 this beanie is not valuable nor valued, despite the amount of time, skill and effort invested in it. What a very sad world we live in.

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