Monday, June 7, 2010

David's Red and Blue Dragons

David just loves dragons! When I asked him why, he replied because they are strong and intelligent, and also because they are both beautiful and terrifying! Here I will showcase David's collection of Dragons. I couldn't decide if this collection is more red than blue, so I've decided it is equally both, which is why I've linked this post with two parties, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday. If you'd like to know more about Teena, be sure to check out his cooking blog.

This red dragon ornament was given to David by his sister. It lives beside my Chinese Tea Set which my mother gave me, and is decorated with blue Chinese dragons. Its considered good luck to face dragons toward doors to scare away any bad luck or negativity before it enters the house, as the red and blue dragons are doing here.

David's favourite t-shirt is worse for wear, it's his favourite colour blue with a dragon on the front! I wonder what the Chinese writing means?

The other weekend when we went to the Rocklea markets on Sunday and picked up some cute trinket boxes, we also grabbed this red dragon box. I don't know what's going to go inside it, but David just had to have it!

Besides the red dragon box sits his collection of dragon books - the Eragon trilogy. I haven't read it yet, maybe I will one day! We also own a copy of the Eragon DVD and are still eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel movies. This is a very special movie for us, it was the very first movie we saw together on our very first date on Boxing Day 2007! Awwww, isn't that romantic?!

Last Valentine's Day I made a gift using some cut out dragons. Should I tell you where these dragons came from? He had a couple of boxer shorts with dragons on them that were falling apart but he couldn't bring himself to throw them away, so I had to recycle the dragon print didn't I? LOL! I cut them up and made them into a bedside organiser! Hanging off the hooks are two dragon key rings he has been given, the one on the right I gave him a while ago now.

Another special dragon David owns is this red-winged dragon candle. I don't think we will ever burn it, its just too special!

I bought this dragon pendant in 2008 and he loved it, wearing it all the time until he woke up one morning with it bent out of shape! So now it is a little memento.

Finally, below is a picture of a delicately etched glass dragon. I bought this for David from a shop in Toombul when we lived on the Northside of Brisbane in 2007.

I hope you liked looking at pictures of David's red and blue dragons!

David has started his own cooking blog and is calling it "Teena's Home Cooking". If you like cooking, be sure to check it out!




My selected highlights from this week's Blue Monday party

My selected highlights from this week's Ruby Tuesday party


  1. Lovely items, and great photos, Teena. I especially admire your Chinese teaset.
    Blessings - Jan

  2. I like Teena's blue dragons. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. I love love your blue tea pot!! Happy Tuesday!

    My Reds

  4. Happy Blue Monday. I like the blue teapot, too... Karen

  5. Beautiful red dragon and Chinese tea set.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely treasures. The dragon is neat. Great photos.

  7. Those are pretty dragons your hubby has, Teena. I smiled when you said you got good milage out of the OM's worn out shorts. When Mrs. Jim and I were first married I thought she liked frogs. For about eight months I would bring her an anniversary frog. Then I figured out the truth.

    Happy RT! I'm running late. Thank you for peeking in on Amber (cat). :)
    Oh yes, my today's post is for "MidWeek Blues." Rebecca has started it and all it needs is a blue picture or two. Or a blue thought.
    I have a link on my blog.


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