Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Purple Bolero Shrug

It took me a week or two, doing a bit now and then while we were watching tv in the evenings, to finish this bolero shrug. This is the first crochet thing I've made to wear, other than beanies and scarves!
bolero shrug, pattern by Lincraft
I used the pattern from the Lincraft booklet I bought a month or so ago. I bought the book for this pattern specifically, as I've been looking for free patterns on the net and haven't had much luck with them working out or being simple enough for me to follow. I tried one pattern and it was totally epic fail! I had trouble starting this one too, and in the end settled on buying the specific wool stated in the pattern from Lincraft, because they won't tell you what ply the wool is. This is a purple "Winter Warmth" wool which cost $3 for 50g, and it used just over one ball so there is some left over as I got two balls. Maybe I can make a nice little beanie or something with what's left?
Now I know the pattern I think I could make this again with other wool... hopefully! Making this bolero shrug taught me how to do raised ridges which you can see at the cuffs. I've been enjoying adding this new stitch to a couple of other projects I've done since, like a beanie and a doll's dress, which I will post about soon.


  1. purple is one of my favorite colors 2,
    lovely project.

  2. Love the bolero! Glad you came by to visit. Debbie

  3. Teena, that is gorgeous! I do love purple. I'm gonna try and make one for myself. I've knit two or three (can't remember ;), but think I'd enjoy crocheting one more.

  4. Oops! Which L'craft book was it, dearie?

  5. It's from the "Crochet 08/09" Lincraft booklet, it has 20 patterns in it.

  6. It is absolutly beautiful. The colors are lovely too.

  7. That is a great shrug... and wonderful you got it out of two 50g balls.

    I usually have to adapt the patterns, as the recommended wool is often the expensive new ones, and I have a lot of cheap 8 ply to use up. If you knit a small square 20 or 30 stitches and say, 20 rows, you can then measure that and hopefully calculate from that how big the garment will be. If you are lucky you can follow one or other of the instructions and get a garment that fits you.
    Hugs - Jan

  8. Hi! Thanks for posting on my White Wednesday Cherub blog and for following. I'm happy to follow you too!


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