Friday, June 18, 2010

The Table my great-grandfather made

There is a real story behind this special little table and how it came to be in my possession.

This small bedside or occasional table was made by my great-grandfather Charlie, the father of my father's mother Mavis. Apparently he was a skilled carpenter, and my understanding is that he hand-crafted the swirl you can see in the middle. This is the only thing I know of that was made by my great-grandfather that is still in our family and I am very privileged to be the custodian of this historical family piece.

This table has obviously had an eventful life, it even has a coffee stain on the top. But I'm not going to touch this, or attempt to restore it. Its just not going to happen. Anything I could do, or anyone else for that matter in my opinion will only take away from it's character. No way could a 'fresh coat of paint' make this look better because it will make something old look new and you will not see it for what it is. New is not always better. It is a very special turn of events that allows this table to be in my possession. You might think this table, being made by father's grandfather, might have been handed to me by my father but it was not.

When my great-grandfather's first wife died, he remarried a lady who the family came to call "Aunty Annie". Mavis and Aunty Annie didn't get along, so Mavis didn't inherit her father's things. Aunty Annie's best friend was a lady named Margaret, who adopted her niece Beverly. When Aunty Annie died, Beverly inherited her things, including my great-grandfather's table. But Beverly and Mavis knew each other, and they had  introduced their children to each other. Dennis was Mavis's son and Heather was Beverly's daughter, and they are my parents. When my grandma Beverly died a couple of years ago, her daughters agreed I should get the table.

I love the history behind this table, it makes it all the more special. I think its sad we don't have more things like this in our family, things that are meaningful and made by our ancestors. Old things should be cherished and passed to those who appreciate their meaning. That's just my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed hearing the story behind this special piece of furniture my great-grandfather made.
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  1. What a lovely story! Indeed it is wonderful to have "treasures" that have been passed down from one generation to another. It's a beautiful table, and it looks like it will be around a long time. Thanks for following my blog. In His care, Gloria

  2. Hello, you are so so lucky to have such a piece in your family-and especially one that is lovely-and made by your grandfather- So cool- I am jealous-
    Thanks for becoming one of my follower-always makes me smile ..

  3. Teena, how wonderful is your story about your table. It really is a most beautiful peice of furniture from a by gone era. I am allways amazed at somne of the furniture and buildings, which were built by our forefathers, as they were absolute masters of their trade. I recall visiting Shearing shed near Glen Innes, a few years ago, was built using morticed joints and no nails; This shed was built in 1910 and still stands today, alongside the family home, which commenced in 1908 and completed in 1910 and still stands proudly, in the form of a 26 room 'Scottish Castle,' complete with tower.

  4. What a beautiful table! How awesome that you have something made by your ancestors!! Thanks for becoming a follower of my little blog! I love seeing new faces pop up! You also have a new follower.

  5. What a touching story! It is a beautiful table and appears to be well made. I love looking around my home and seeing things that have been passed down through generations. Especially the handmade items.

    Thank you for following my blog, I am flattered.

    ~ Tracy


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