Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brisbane Markets @ Rocklea

David and I now have a goal to get around to all the markets at least once to check them out, and the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea are apparently one of the most popular. So the first one we have gone to was two Saturdays ago, for the Saturday Fresh Market.

There were heaps of people and I must admit the crowds were daunting for me, but I did the right thing and did not insist David take me home right away like I wanted him to. I don't think the fresh food prices were cheap, but that wouldn't be the reason you bought food from here. The food is fresher and straight from the farmer, or so we are told, but it's not the place for a bargain you can't get anywhere else.  I can get in season fresh food from coles online, I just get what's on special so the prices are very similar. And there are no crowds to contend with! There was also a bit of traffic, thank goodness David was driving.

As I walked past an antipasto stall I got a good whiff of the mouth-watering aroma. I just love marinated artichokes but settled on some feta stuffed olives. I didn't realise how expensive they were until I felt like it was too late to decline. I should have just been honest with the guy and said "doood, that's too expensive!" but you know, I couldn't do that could I? These very, very yummy stuffed olives cost me $8 for a small container. That's $8 that could have been better spent, so I had to enjoy them! David doesn't even like olives so I got to eat them all by myself. Oh no, what a sad, yummy loneliness!

Then last weekend, we went to the Sunday Discovery Markets, also at Rocklea. Once again the weather was gorgeous with cloudless blue skies, but there was a chilly bite to the wind as well. We got there just before 11am and they started packing up early for the midday finish. So we had about an hour to wonder around, looking at all the treasures. Besides the blue vase I posted on Monday which we picked up for $3, we also got some cute little trinket boxes which we thought were a good price for $6-$7.50 ea. I also grabbed another cane basket for $2, which was solid except for a small break in the handle which I can cover up with ribbon.

I wonder which market we will check out next?!
<3 <3 <3!


  1. I don't think we even looked down every isle. If we go back again we might have to go a bit earlier.

  2. I have heard about these markets but have not made it there yet. If we went early we would have to leave when it is dark as they are a long drive from where I am! Maybe in Summer! Thanks for the review though!

    Best wishes,

  3. wow i would love to go to that market. i love little markets like that with lots of interesting things.


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