Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barbie's White Kaftan and Sunhat

Barbie with white kaftan and sun hat
Oh, isn't she gorgeous? This is the current base Barbie brunette model, only $9.95 from K-mart although other places ask for more. I think her flat feet are gorgeous, but of course getting shoes for her is hard so I made my own! Today I am tagging along with White Wednesday.

When my sister visited me last week with her beautiful 3 year old daughter, I had this doll ready to give in case my niece  liked it, which she did! As new, the doll only comes with a bikini, so I had to make a kaftan as David suggested! And because she is going to Darwin to live, she needs clothes for the tropics! Everyone going to Darwin absolutely must have a hat, so I made her a cute white hat to match the kaftan! The day after my niece left with this doll and the white outfit, I made another hat with white wool, this time with a wider brim.

I also made the cute pink scuffs which were very easy to make with a tiny bit of vinyl plastic and fine crochet cotton. As well as this special outfit, I gave my niece some of my other Barbie clothes, like a blue dress and a rainbow top which I don't have a foto of. So now I have an excuse to make more Barbie clothes!

Sunhat, using 2.5mm hook and medium yarn.
Top of Hat
1. small beginning chain then 12 trebles, sl st
2. ch 2, 2 trebles in ea treble, sl st
3. ch 1, (1 x double, 2 x double) to end (optional for a bigger hat, omit for a tighter hat)
Sides of Hat
4. ch 2, 2 trebles in same sp, sk 5 trebles (skip 3 two times then 4 in smaller hat), (3 trebles 1 ch 3 trebles in 6th treble) to end, 3 trebles in same sp as 1st ch 2, ch 1, sl st
5. (repeat row 4 which has 6 pairs of shells) ch 2, 2 trebles in same sp, (3 trebles 1 ch 3 trebles in next chain 1 sp) to end, 3 trebles in same sp as 1st ch, ch 1 sl st
Brim of Hat
6. ch 2, 4 trebles in same sp (9 trebles in next ch 1 sp) to end, 4 trebles in same sp as 1st ch 2, sl st (6 x 9 trebles)
7. ch 2, 2 trebles in same sp (1 treble in ea of next 4 trebles, sk 1 treble, 1 treble in ea of next 3 trebles, 3 trebles in next treble) sl st
8. for optional wide brim hat, 1 treble in every treble, except 3 treble in the 5th treble (middle)

To make the kaftan I merely cut a very simple piece out of very fine material and handstitched it. I did not double over my thread like I normally do to reduce the bulk, I also only fold the edges once instead of twice for the same reason. Although its a very simple pattern, it took me all morning to hand-stitch. But it was good to work out how to do, if I do it again it will be quicker and also, better!

Here is an image of our farewell party for the new Barbie that went to Darwin with my niece! For future reference she is Barbie in "A Mermaid Tale", also otherwise known as a Beach Barbie. In the picture you can see a baby doll, which I will be making an outfit for in a future post!
Be sure to check out other beautiful whites @ Faded Charm, which is host to the White Wednesday blog party.

My selected highlights from this weeks party


  1. Hi! Oh my gosh.. How CUTE is THIS?!! LOVE the Barbie clothes!! I used to make them when I was just a young girl, when I first learned to crochet! I have designed a couple of Barbie outfits on my blog too! Love the kaftan, and Barbie's hat when it's flipped upward! So CUTE! Thanks for the patterns! ~tina

  2. I can't believe you made those shoes for Barbie! This was such a fun post, because it reminded me of all the clothes that my Mom made for my Barbies. And I still have all of them too! I bet your niece adores her Barbie and the accessories that her auntie made for her!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  3. I am sure there are a number of little girls who'd love to have your Barbie clothes! What a special talent

  4. Your Barbie looks great ~ what a fun outfit. Happy WW!

  5. Such pretty kaftan and sunhat. I love also the cute scuff. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hand made doll clothes are the best! Love that little crocheted hat, especially!


  7. OMG! How precious is that! Happy White Wednesday!

  8. Love the sunhat, very beautiful work!


  9. Shades of nostalgia! I love your Barbies and the fact that you make clothes for them. What a clever idea; Barbie gets a wardrobe while you practice stitches. I also love that you were prepared to part with your Barbie and her new outfit. What a sweet, generous gesture. Isn't it fun to make memories?

  10. yes, she was heaps of fun to do! I have other homeless Barbies found at second hand shops, I want to dress them like angels to sit on Christmas trees ...


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