Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A White Dress for Barbie

I'm very surprised how this turned out, how could it be that the bodice of this dress fits so perfectly? This is my post for White Wednesday which is hosted by Faded Charm. I'm also putting this in for this week's Transformation Thursday hosted @ The Shabby Chic Cottage.

I used white dimples baby yarn from Lincraft, that's their cheapest baby yarn and it costs $1.99 for 50g. I started with the bodice as usual with all of these dresses I make, working up from the waist. When I got to the cleavage area I attempted a sweet heart neckline. I have attempted this before on a top I've made but undid it as it didn't work out. This time I did it over two rows and I am totally amazed at how perfectly it sits, I was certain it would be a little wonky.

The skirt is the 5 cluster separated by english doubles in the cluster below pattern which I saw in a picture of a Barbie doll wedding dress, although that's the only thing I used from that pattern. I didn't plan for the skirt to be this shape at all, it just kind of happened. I forgot to increase more before starting the shell pattern so the skirt is more fitted at the top, so then I flared out at the bottom. It was nice but it needed something more so I finished off with a row of picots, and low and behold, they really wanted to sit up in the air like that! It kind of looks funny but it is a 'white dress' after all, so they are kinda of required by law to look a bit frilly and silly!!! lolzzz

I have many white buttons and I knew I wanted the one holed pearl kind, but the only ones I could find in my stash were a little too big or had peeling polish so I actually bought these buttons new /gasp! That really is naughty for a doll's dress isn't it? I got some really cheap ones and there are plenty left over to use on other things, so I figure I'm not toooo bad!

The last thing to do was to make something white for her hair so I just whipped this thing up. It's simply a row of English trebles (US dc) to allow room for ribbon to be threaded through, then some shells like the skirt on top of that. I didn't really know what I was making, this kind of just happened! I threaded the ribbon through then around again to form a loop that the hair could go through. Tying it tightly keeps her flyaway hair in place and every bride needs a little something white on the head, don't you think?

<3 <3

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I also found these Ten Parenting Tips @ Real Parenting Tips

  1. Read to your children.

  2. Have the courage to say “NO!” at times.

  3. Create meaningful family traditions.

  4. Make home a place where your children want to be.

  5. Have Family Dinner every night.

  6. Teach your children to work – and work with them.

  7. Support your child’s interests.

  8. Talk with, not at your children.

  9. Listen.

  10. Say “I love you” often.


  1. I envy those who can use their hands to sew, stitch, quilt, weave, crochet, you get the idea! Very nicely done!


  2. So cute. The bodice does fit perfectly. Wherever did you find the tiny little buttons?

  3. You have the best dressed Barbie around!


  4. Barbie looks adorable in that dress! Cute little headpiece. My Mom made clothes for our Barbies when we were little. Happy WW! Hope your day is a lovely one!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  5. Love are so awesome!!

  6. That's a stunning little dress for Barbie!

  7. Wow! This is beautiful! What talent you have :0)

  8. This is adorable and I'm amazed at how fitted it is. It's a good thing that my daughter didn't see this as she would want one immediately and I have no CLUE what to do with yarn...I'm a fabric girl. thanks for sharing! -diane


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