Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coloured Water Activity

I just wanted to share a quick activity I like to do with my son sometimes, when he wants to play outside. He loves to play with water, pouring it in and out of cups and these plastic jars I have for the purpose. 
set up of the colours in plastic jars

I set up some coloured water in the jars, using food dye, one blue, red, yellow, then mixing yellow and red to make orange, red and blue to make purple, and yellow and blue to make green. He likes to pour the different colours into a big glass, and it turns a dark brown colour, it looks like cola! He happily plays with this coloured water for about half an hour, after which time he has usually tipped the water out and if he wants me to, I get him some more water to play with. He loves it.
pouring the coloured water into a large jar

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blueberry Lattice Pie

I don't have a recipe link for this, but wanted to share what is the inspiration for my cooking. I didn't cook this pie, my husband did and I think it looks very impressive! I don't aspire to be as good a cook as he is, but I endeavour to try and do some more cooking from now on. This is a way to desensitise my anxieties of which I have a lot around food and cooking, wish me luck!
a blueberry lattice pie made by my husband

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hairy Legs Club

I heard about the Hairy Legs Club on tumblr via the news a few weeks ago and I love the idea of sharing photos that help challenge accepted social norms. Why Do we shave our legs? What is wrong with hairy legs on women? I think the Hairy Legs Club is really inspiring! So here is a photo of my hairy legs! I've been waxing since 1988 so I have big bald patches, and I only wax in the summer. Why wax my legs in the winter when all I wear is long pants? And its winter here now in Australia. Luckily where I live in Brisbane we have very mild winters, so I can sit outside in the sun and work on my vitamin D deficiency. Here I am sitting outside, I painted my toe nails especially for the occasion!

my submission to the Hairy Legs Club!

Best Name for a Quilen Pet

My apolgies for not posting on my blog for a few months, I've been playing World of Warcraft! A few months ago I got a quilen pet for my hunter, and name it Brezzer! Don't you think that's the best name for a quilen pet? Its because they can resurrect a fallen ally during combat, otherwise known as 'brez'. Let me know what you think of my quilen pet name! But I've since gotten over my temporary WoW addiction and have got some up and coming blogs posts planned, especially with lots of cooking I have in mind, so watch this space!
My hunter Zye on the Timeless Isle, with her aptly named quilen pet, Brezzer

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