Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hairy Legs Club

I heard about the Hairy Legs Club on tumblr via the news a few weeks ago and I love the idea of sharing photos that help challenge accepted social norms. Why Do we shave our legs? What is wrong with hairy legs on women? I think the Hairy Legs Club is really inspiring! So here is a photo of my hairy legs! I've been waxing since 1988 so I have big bald patches, and I only wax in the summer. Why wax my legs in the winter when all I wear is long pants? And its winter here now in Australia. Luckily where I live in Brisbane we have very mild winters, so I can sit outside in the sun and work on my vitamin D deficiency. Here I am sitting outside, I painted my toe nails especially for the occasion!

my submission to the Hairy Legs Club!

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