Friday, December 2, 2016

Angel's Dress 20th November 1995

As subtle as the imprint left by an angel's dress.
As soft and sweet as a virgin's caress.
Hints and echoes of light filter through\
Fragile and precious trees of leaves.
Leave behind the world of corners and straight walls.
Fall willingly,
Into a strange green, glittery, gittery, calming, peaceful waterworld.
Away from the race.
Setting a better pace.
Keeping my own space for a change.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ship of Sleep 15th June 1996

Ship of sleep
Drift and steal
me away from the
harsh and bleak.
Take me to a land of sleep and dreams.
Deep hue of velvet blue.
Fathomless abyss of watery fantasies and emotional energies.
The navy cool whispers imagined caresses,
as soft as water,
as soft as his words in song.
Ship of sleep,
Take me to the navy cool deep
Where I belong.
Where I can do no wrong
   but only drift, drift, drift ...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I Do 21st February 1995

I wait.
I wait to fall alseep.
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I shape twenty young minds,
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I drink coffee,
I shape twenty young minds,
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I eat alone,
I drink coffee,
I shape twenty young minds,
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I think,
I eat alone,
I drink coffee,
I shape twenty young minds,
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I feed the cats (to stop them howling),
I think,
I eat alone,
I drink coffee,
I shape twenty young minds,
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I drive (without getting anywhere),
I feed the cats (to stop them howling),
I think,
I eat alone,
I drink coffee,
I shape twenty young minds,
I wonder what I'm doing tomorrow,
I drive,
I check the letterbox and
I wait to fall asleep.
I drive
I feed
I think
I eat
I drink
I shape
I wonder
I drive
I check and
I wait ...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Time 28th March 1995

Wait ...
Wait for time.
Words are mime
and soundless.
Wipe, wipe, wipe
Wipe away the rain.
Agonise my pain.
Drawing it out a little longer.
I try to be stronger.
All mine to pass.
How long will it last?
Practice, practice, practice.
Practice that phrase a million more times. Hey.
I've got plenty of time for that.
I'll have it down pat
In no time.
Because no time
is the time when you're gone
too long
What's the time, Mr Wolf?
Its 9 o'clock, 16 minutes and 37 seconds.
Just infinity to go.
Wipe, wipe, wipe.
Wipe your face.
Here's a tissue.
Get dressed, sit up straight, listen to me!
Listen to me!!!
Can you hear me a million miles away?
Practice, practice, practice.
Practice what I'll say
On the day you finally get here, In my car as the wipers
Wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe the screen so I'm not as blind.
Just passing the time,
Just passing the time,
Just passing the time.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Water 8th March 1995

Soft and smooth.
Rhythmic rain
send me to sleep.
Penetrate the silence
too loud and deep.
Fast and slow.
Make the mould grow.
Drown in your embrace.
Tears to cry.
Flood the roads,
Close the school.
Take him away,
Make me a fool.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Crab 11th July 1995

Scuttle, Fumble, Fuss.
Collect this thing, set it down.
Turn around
and go back.
Do that again - not quite right.
Clumsy armour slows me down.
Too big claws for me to drag around.
They keep scuttling and getting in the way.
Retreat to the lair
Where there is finally peace and calm,
Secretly hiding in
Soothing Silence
(Listen to the waters ebbing the rest of the world away).
Tentatively Tasting.
Hesitantly Fearful.
Make this cave a sacred place
Where no one seas my reel face.
Where I rock, to and fro in emotion's watery embrace.
Never really deciding
Where to go, what to do,
Which armour to wear today?
Forever fearful of ridicule,
Fantasised or otherwise,
In a world that is cruel
And in avoiding to look a fool
I become one.
Never content with who I am.
Who am I?
A lonely crustacean in the deepest ocean.
Fussily Scuttling.
Sillily Fussitating.
So bloody irritating.
Every minor decision
Is a major derision.
But under the deepest rock,
In the deepest sea,
Where my safe home is,
I stash away, in my private place,
A small treasure.
A tiny pearl,
A shiny shell.
The pearl, with dull lustre,
The shell, empty , but with intricate patterns.
My possesions in my sacred place.
Predictable and secure.
No surprises.
Will I grow with such a heavy and impregnable shell
for armour to protect me?
To grow I must leave the old shell behind,
Expose my vulnerable flesh.
But for the experience I will be a bigger soul,
stronger and more able to deal with what the oceans leave to me.
The death of my old shell, and thus old self,
Brings the birth of a new and stronger me.
Perhaps then I can finally be ... free.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Cat on the Hat

What a strange day I had yesterday. It was completely wierd, I just can't explain it.
I impulsively bought this cat badge from a hand-made market in Darwin in late 1996.
In 1996 when I was insane, I went to a hand-made market fair that in my delusion I thought was the "real" psychic expo, not the other one that was on in town on the same day. I impulsively bought this badge that I saw. My memory of the day was so strange, it was as if people recognised me, like I was like famous or something! Bwhuahuaahua, so hilarious.
"True Love is not self-destructive"
Anyway, at one point I wrote a fevered message on the back of it. But this message was very clear. It simply says "True Love is not self- destructive". I've kept it handy, this badge, I don't know why. I put it on my hat today. Lol what a Crazy Girl in a Crazy World, am I.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Find Yourself.

Find yourself. Where are you? Did you look? A never ending search of self-fullfillment. Its a journey. Look around, where are you? You are where you are.

You're welcome.
Find yourself. Its a journey.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Addon Bug Removes DH with Special Letters

ÃⱮßëŗŦħóřʼn is removed from the guild by Geminda
Its been found that an addon bug on Guild Master toons kicks any new Demon Hunters with special letters in their names. It is not known which addon causes the bug, but it is definitely there somewhere in the scripts and the HTML things. Special letters will be removed, we're going to build a wall that keeps those pesky letters out of the guild, mark my words, I'll never let you down.

How is it known that this bug exists? Well, we have our sources, reliable sources, like this article you are reading right now. Some guy recently said "Americans are tired of experts!" He was an expert on how much people are tired of experts. People elsewhere in the world are also probably tired of experts. We're going to make Bloodlust Great again, mark my words, etc etc.

The reason the bug addon exists is because those special letters, the ones you need to make your unique name because you are a special snowflake that can't stick to using the 26 letters of the alphabet the rest of us mere mortals are forced to use, is because they are damn annoying and inconvenient. They are the bane of my administrative existence. Following is a list of things that happen when you have a special letter in your name.

I can't find you in the roster. If you have a special letter your name does not sort in alphabetical order, and in a guild of over 700 toons that makes you hard to find. The worst is when the special letter is the 1st letter, I can not see you there at all. You are hanging out at the end of the list in a special club with all the other special snowflakes. If the 2nd or 3rd letter of your name is special and the 1st letter is very common, its also hard to find you.

I can't send you mail. Sometimes I get lucky and I can type in the 1st few letters and the game suggests a name from the roster, but usually I can't send you a letter.

I can't add you in the calendar. If we have an event in the calendar which is for Raider rank only, and you get promoted to that rank after it has been created, I can't then add your name to the event.

I can't invite your alt if you ask me from battlenet. Yes, I have a big bunch of peeps in my battle tag. Often these people whisper me from battletag for a /ginvite for their alt. I can't simply click their toon name like I can when I am whispered ingame. I have to open up battle tag, look at the name of your new toon and type it in. Some names are onerous, long with wierd spellings that are not easily pronounced. If these names have a special letter in it, I can't invite the alt. Please whisper me from ingame so I can just click you.

Why can't I just memorise the 5 extra digits for each special letter in your special name? You are expecting me to go find out how to write the letter and then add the extra 5 digits and enter them just so. It often doesn't work that easily. I then have to memorise this extra set of digits for your special name. I then also have to do that for every other unique snowflake in the guild with a different special letter. How about you do something for me, and just think of a name for your new toon that doesn't have a special letter in it? That actually sounds easier to me. A letter requires a single keystroke. That is how I type, I shouldn't have to pause and enter 5 more digits to write one single letter. That is horrible.

The reason you want to try and think of a name for your new Demon Hunter without special letters in it is because your GM is a volunteer, largely there to just help organise the funs for a bunch of strangers who are virtual friends that never meet IRL. If your GM asks you for help with something, its probably for a good reason, and will make their job a little easier while they are organising said funs. Please remember the past time is also suppose to be fun for everyone, even for the guild master.

Why are only Demon Hunters being removed by the addon bug? Because now is a new opportunity to avoid the annoying letters on a bunch of alts that are about to be made from scratch. If you find your Demon Hunter removed at level 99 or 100 and you really want it to be in the guild, it won't be too hard to delete and reroll. Now is the time to do this. I'd rather not ask people to spend real money getting name changes, or actually kicking old toons with the special letters. Because I'm actually not that much of a pyscho control freak bitch and won't do that to you, mark my words, I'll never let you down.

Hey, if you get this far and have actually read this, would you mind doing me another favour and adding a comment down below pretty please? Thanks heaps <3 <3 <3

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Prettiest Mount in World of Warcraft?

I just don't understand why there are some people out there that don't agree with me? I mean, come on! Ashes of Al'ar, the mount that drops 0.1% of the time from the last boss in Tempest Keep is the prettiest mount in World of Warcraft by far! I told my guildies so last night, when we decided to skip heroic HFC progression (we didn't get our usual heals online, we are up to 8/13H),  so we decided to get the guild achievement from Heroic Siege of Orgrimar. As it turns out, after spending over an hour in there, we have to do it on Mythic to get the Heroic achievement, d'oh!
The prettiest mount in WoW, by far, Ashes of Al'ar.
So my husband and I have the Legion beta, and someone at Blizzard had an absolute brainwave to decide to let the beta players access to ALL mounts. Yes. Including Ashes! So whenever I am on the beta, I fly my Ashes! So. Pretty. The. End. (lol!)
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