Monday, July 30, 2012

Five Pointed Star, free pattern

I included a free sample in with the package I sent to my first real customer and decided it best to pop in some similar items but of different shapes so she can see what else I can make. Included was my attempt at a five pointed star.
a simple 5 pointed star
I included these 6 extra shapes, as well as the tiny butterfly I did yesterday. The circle simply has 12 dc in the 1st round and 24 in the second. The square is a 2 round granny square. The snowflake is the 1st 2 rounds of a snowflake I found at Attic 24, which you can choose to have 2 or 3 rounds. The star and 2 different kinds if triangles are my own patterns. I'm still working on writing the triangle patterns, but here is the star pattern.
6 assorted crochet shapes to use as embellishments
5 Pointed Star in US crochet (UK dc = trb, hdc = htrb)

round 1. 3 ch, work 1st round into 1st ch, 9 dc, sl st into 3rd ch

round 2. into next dc (2 hdc 2 ch 2 hdc), sl st into next dc, repeat 4 more times, sl st into 1st hdc


  1. i really like the shapes is their a pattern for purchase ?

  2. hi there, is this Kendra? If so, I have replied to your question on the Facebook wall for Rosy Colour, please join Rosy Colour on facebook for any more questions <3

  3. Thank you for sharing your free patterns! They are really nice and I will bookmark your page :-) I have a Face Book Page called Tammy's Crochet Spot if you want to visit. I'm pretty new at this.

  4. thankyou I'm glad you like my patterns! I've joined your facebook page, mine is called Rosy Colour <3

  5. I made a star chain for my daughterspull chain on her fan. It looks great and the pattern was super easy to follow! Thanks! I love your patterns

    1. that sounds nice, I'm glad you like my patterns! <3


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