Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sea Green Beanie Ear Flaps

The weather is getting decidedly chilly so I've been trying to convince my toddling son to wear a beanie on his head, at least when he is outside. Of course, no sooner do I have it on his head does he rip it back off again! The solution? Ear flaps added at my earliest convenience!
ear flaps added to a sea green beanie
I made this sea green beanie over a year ago, yet it still fits Thomas. It's rather a nice colour of sea green, an acrylic from the Wangaratta Mill. It was a simple matter to add these ear flaps, like I did for a purple monster beanie a few months ago.
18 month old Thomas wearing sea green beanie with ear flaps
I put the beanie on Thomas when he woke from his nap, and he's still wearing it 10 minutes later. Sesame Street helps as a distraction! He wore the beanie for nearly 15 minutes, its a record!

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