Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to be Happy #1 - grow your own herbs.

It has to be one of the simplest things you can do, its a simple joy in my life and so easy anyone can do it, even people who rent tiny places.
its so easy anyone can do it, and its one of life's simple joys
We just spent a lovely early Saturday morning in our potted garden, staking the newly fruiting cherry tomatoes, top dressing the capsicums and pruning the chillies. We watered the worm farm and fed the plants the worm tea, including this flowering lavender. I pruned it early in winter and suddenly its flushed with rosy colour!
Tom's Garden winter 2012, garlic, tomatoes and lettuc
I had planned to plant beetroot this winter into this planter box my father-in-law Brian made, but before I got around to it, some tomatoes and lettuce had sprouted! Then David planted a bunch of garlic, which has shot up and is looking great. Will we be able to grow a year's supply of garlic?
our latest attempt at growing tomatoes is currently fruiting
Here is our latest attempt at tomatoes, this time its a cherry tomato variety from Brian's garden in Stanthorpe. We hope it works this time, with plenty of worm tea along with some luck, it might do just that!

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