Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elizabeth's Scarf #2 - long & skinny

This is a simple long and skinny scarf I whipped up as the second of three for my sister in law, Elizabeth. This one was quicker to do than the first, I decided this one should be thin so it is slightly different.
simple long and skinny scarf
This is simply rows of 15 dc plus starting ch 2. I considered edging it in sc, and thought I'd allowed enough yarn, but 4 times the length of each side fell way short so I gave up on that idea, and just put the remainder of yarn into a few more rows of dc.
half the scarf has flecks of blue while the other half has flecks of purple instead
It wasn't until I was taking the photos after I'd finished that I realised the two balls of yarn Liz had given me were slightly different. They're both variegated brown, but one has flecks of blue while the other has flecks of purple instead. I posted some photos and we both decided it was ok for a simple scarf like this. Besides, some more wool from Bendigo has just arrived, and I have another project to get started on! Otherwise I might have had time to unravel it and crochet horizontally, but ... so much yarn, so little time ...

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