Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red and Black Basket

I started this basket on Monday 16th July while I waited for the doctor. Taking along a crochet project to the doctor's waiting room has become a necessity, as invariably she will keep me waiting, sometimes up to 50 minutes.
red, black and grey basket I made for my husband
 I asked my husband if I could make him something and he said a basket for his desk would be useful, so I planned to make this for quite a while. His birthday is next month so I made a start on it, but it took a lot less time to finish than I thought, taking just a couple of hours. Using 7mm hook and red, black and grey acrylic, the base is a flat circle of sc. Before stopping to increase I did 2 rounds of cables at the increase, the other stitches in those rounds are bpdc to keep the height the same. It created an interesting corner at the base of the basket. Up the sides I spiralled instead of sl st then ch, so the starts are invisible. I then used a yarn needle to sew in each of the 3 yarns for a neat finish.

This is a gift for my husband's birthday, I hope he finds it useful.

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