Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tiniest Butterfly, free pattern

When I gave my mum a tiny flower made with variegated pink yarn she said it looked like a butterfly. That was because 4 of its 5 petals were pink and one was white, so it did look a butterfly, and that gave me an idea!
simple butterfly designed by Teena Sutton Murphy
Simple Butterfly by T.S. Murphy in UK crochet (US trb = dc, dc = sc)
Leave a short bit of yarn free at the start, don't weave it in, it is the 1st antennae.
3 ch, work all into 1st ch, 1 trb, 2 ch, sl st (2 ch, 1 trb, 2 ch, sl st) repeat 2 more times for 4 wings in total,
fasten off leaving a small bit yarn free at the top for the 2nd antennae.

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