Monday, May 28, 2012

Ear flaps and ties for toddler beanies

When we tried the toddler sized monster beanie on one year old Mason's head, he pulled it straight off! So this was the solution - ear flaps with ties!
ear flaps and ties for toddler sized monster beanies
The triangle begins with a row of 10 sc, turn skip one 9 sc, turn, sk 1 8 sc etc until 1 sc then 50 ch, then sl st back along the ch. Then sc along one edge of the triangle, sl st along the edge of the triangle ear flap that runs along the bottom of the beanie. End with some more sc along the last side of the triangle, you should finish at the pointy end of the triangle where the tie is, fasten off.

I wasn't sure what colour they should be and fooled around with contrasting colours. But thanks to my husband who told me it looked funny and should be the same colour as the beanie its turned out rather well!

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