Thursday, May 31, 2012

Variegated Divine Hat

I made this hat with unravelled yarn to practice the divine pattern at Rheatheylia. I had made one in a dark green hopefully to give to my friend Karen for her birthday, but I wasn't happy with it. So I started this hat to practice the pattern.
variegated divine hat
I made these two hats while I was learning in 2010, but I never wore them. They just weren't quite right, one I made following a pattern I found on a free sheet from Lincraft. But when I sorted out my wardrobe the other day I realised this yarn would go well with my winter clothes, and that I needed another beanie for myself. The yarn for these I bought new from Lincraft, its a nice thick variegated yarn in pink, green and white, but these hats were not worthy of it, so I unravelled them to make one special hat for myself.
I ran out of yarn so couldn't do the full brim. Because this is a very thick yarn, I originally tried using a smaller hook, but I had to still use the 6mm for the body and 5mm for the brim as suggested in the pattern because of the gauge. So because I ran out of yarn, I only did 2 rounds of sc for the brim, but the hat fits just fine. I had a tiny amount left at the end so I did a small loop at the brim so the hat can be hung on a hook.

This was a good exercise to practice the pattern, and I get a nice beanie for myself as a bonus! Now I can go back to making the beanie for Karen.

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