Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Hair Bun Net

I quickly made this on Tuesday night because I had an appointment the next day and wasn't happy with my hair and decided I needed to tie it up.I feel like I need to hide my hair until I find time to get to a hairdresser!
a useful blue hair bun net by Teena Sutton Murphy
 For this I used some blue 4 ply cotton my mother gave me and  a 2mm hook. I didn't follow a pattern for this, although I did check google images for ideas. But I didn't really like anything I saw there, so I made up my own.
blue hair bun net
I started with 12 dc into a magic circle, then dc 2 ch into every dc for the second round. The third round is a dc 3 ch into every ch sp, the 4th round is dc 4 ch into every ch sp. Then there are 3 rounds that do not increase, starting with dc 2 ch, dc into next ch sp 2 ch, dc into next dc. The 8th round starts to decrease with dc 4 ch, sk dc, dc into next dc. The 9th round is sl st dc 3 ch, into next ch sp. Finally the last round is when I attached the elastic hair tie by doing 3 sc into every ch sp around the hair tie.
detail of blue hair bun net
I'm quite pleased how dainty this turned out, I haven't worn one of these since I was a girl, I hope it doesn't look silly! At least I can hide my hair until I get a chance to get to a hairdresser!

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