Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tiny Yellow Herb Pillow

Here is another slip I made for one of the scented herb satchels I made last week. I used my 1.5mm hook and some fine yellow cotton my mum gave me.
tiny yellow slip for a herb satchel
I had a go at making a granny square like one I saw on pinterest. When I followed the link I couldn't find the pattern, so I just guessed it. Then I extended one of the sides of the granny square for another 11 rows. Then I folded the slip and started working on the opposite side of the granny square, extending that side for another 6 rows. Then I did a rounds of sc around the edge of the granny square, securing the folded sides. This forms a slip like a pillow case.
back detail of the tiny yellow slip
I was thinking of putting one of these in the package for a paying customer, but I've decided they're not nice enough for that! I'm going to keep these ones and product test them first.

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