Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home-grown Herb Satchels

I've read that rosemary and lavender are excellent moth repellent herbs, so I've made some satchels using these herbs from my potted garden. I'm considering slipping these in with woollen things I make.
dried rosemary and lavender with lentils as satchel filling
I pruned my rosemary bushes on Anzac Day, its something you do to remember the horror of war on this traditional day in Australia. I removed the leaves and dried them in our new food dehydrator, which took a couple of days. When they were dry, I pruned my lavender bush and dried the tiny branches the same way, that also took two days. I scrunched up the lavender leaves and sticks with my hands in a bowl, there were no flowers in this pruning. Then I added most of the dried rosemary leaves and a few handfuls of lentils. The lentils give the satchels padding and firmness.
moth repellent herb satchels waiting for pretty crochet slips
I then used my trusty sewing machine to sew up some tiny pouches and put in a scoup of herb mix. I sewed the last seam right up, there's no need to open up these herb pillows again. Next I will crochet some slips to go over them!

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