Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to wash hand-made woollens

Its really important that hand-crafted woollen items are cared for properly. I wash all my garments before giving them to customers so they can wear them straight away.
drying woollen beanies flat on a towel
I recently had to wash a bunch of monster beanies before giving them to customers. First I washed them in luke warm water and Earth Choice wool wash. Then I rinse them in cold water and squeeze them gently. I then lay them on top of a towel on top of my kitchen table and gently ease them into shape. I pinch the ends of the scales and teeth to make them more pointed. I press the double tails together to make them stand up better, and pull the bottom scale of the tail into shape.

I hope the washing instructions are not too tedious for the mothers who have bought these beanie monsters!

Here are the washing instructions that I now write inside my hand-made labels.

O.O.A.K. Monster Beanie
luxury Australian wool from Bendigo Mill, VIC
* gentle hand wash in luke warm water and wool detergent, rinse
* squeeze gently
* dry flat in shade
* ease into shape
* pinch scales and teeth while damp to make them pointed
* do not tumble dry
* do not iron
* do not bleach

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