Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pink Princess Hat

This pink princess hat to match the jacket is made to fit a 3 month old baby. There is some stretch in it so it can be worn for a little while this winter.
Pink Princess jacket and hat set, size 00
I've been working on making neater starts to rounds as the seam really bothers me when it shows. I found a new site that explained a way to make tidier starts to rounds so I tried that in this project. I am a little happier with the result. I also went back to not using magic circle as I found that made a messier start, as does holding the yarn end in the work. I left the yarn end out at the back to sew in later with yarn needle. I also found a better way to start a new colour by making a tidy knot at the start of the colour change by pulling both working yarn and yarn end through the first stitch. I found it about a minute and a half into this crochet video on youtube. All my ends are now getting sewn in with a yarn needle. After some ends poking out in some of my earlier projects, I've decided the weaving with hook method produces unsatisfactory results.

My beanies tend to have a cone shape at the crown so for this hat I tried the more flat round start. The second round still has 24 dc, but the first round has 12 dc so the second round increases in every stitch. After four increasing rounds there were 48 dc in the round, so divided by 3 makes 16 granny clusters. There are 11 non-increasing rounds of 16 granny clusters. Then using the contrasting colour, the last round is 5 dc into the middle dc of the granny clusters and sl st into the sp.

The hat and jacket set is completed with contrasting 5 petal flowers. I think its turned out rather nice!


  1. It is a shame that some of your patterns are not written out properly like the Pink Princess Hat. I would love the full pattern plus any others on your site that are free. thanks Christine

  2. Most of what I do is from the top of my head, but I want to try and write them down. If I wrote this down, would you make it and let me know if there are any mistakes?

  3. I attempted to write down this pattern back in March, here's the link


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