Sunday, May 19, 2024

Garden Update Autumn 2024

Here are some select images from our garden at the end of Autumn 2024. I just planted out 4 cuttings of all-year round basil, I had them in a glass jar on my kitchen window sill for a week. I cut open a chamomile tea bag and scattered them in a pot because I saw a video that you can do that, and now they are sprouting! Our 15 year old lime tree has stopped flowering the last 2 years since we have removed an infestation of stink bugs. We think we've removed them but the lime tree still isn't flowering.

our 15 year old lime tree isn't flowering

aloe vera still grows abundantly in our garden

some all-year-round basil cuttings I planted out today

a Ned Kelly grevillea we planted out last year

chamomile seedlings from a tea bag

thriving bromeliads are in many places in our garden

a random tiny flower in our lawn

a new tumbler has been added to our composting system

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