Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue Fingerless Gloves

I really enjoyed working with this lovely lima alpaca blend yarn from Lincraft, it's so soft! This is my post for this week's Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sally.

Because the Lincraft pattern specified this particular yarn I splurged out and got it, although now I know the pattern I'm sure I could substitute other wool from my stash. The pattern was very easy and is another one in the Crochet 08/09 booklet I bought a couple of months ago.

I'm very pleased with how these worked out, they're perfect for wearing while typing on the computer during the winter months. Have you ever tried typing while wearing normal fingered gloves? LoL, it's just not possible no matter how unfrozen your fingers are!

Be sure to check out other lovely blues @ this week's Blue Monday!


I had a quick look at all the participants this week, something I haven't been able to do before. It does take a long time so I didn't comment on most. A couple I did comment on, and this was my favourite to link, for my future reference.


  1. Oooh..I love these...they are so gorgeous...such a fab hands get cold all the time..nice to know you could type with them! well these are just super lovely..and i love the color yoru chose! awesome!!
    have a magiacl day!
    And hey...Thankyou is so generous, touching and sweet of you to mention my link..i just dont know what to say..hugs and thankyou!

  2. Where do I put in my order for some? :)

  3. How pretty! After our last (brr) cold winter, I'm sure that many would like some. You should sell them.

    Happy Blue Monday, Teena.

  4. Lovely. I especially like the colour. Thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow me. It looks like we have illness and a slower pace of life in common. I'm also getting into more crafts which I didn't have time for when I was working such long hours.

  5. I love those little blue fingerless gloves. They would be good for a lot of different things. Great idea and you did very well making them.

  6. beautiful idea!

    ...and i so love blue!

    have a great day!

    Moving forward

    Fickle In Pink

    P.S. following!

  7. Cute! And thanks for visiting my photoblog!

  8. Love those fingerless gloves! My DD is making me some, too. ...Karen


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