Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fruits for the New Year

Happy New Year to you, may all your wished for 2013 come true! Here are some photos of my first cucumber, grown in a 20cm pot, which was waiting for me when we got back from our Christmas holiday in Stanthorpe.
my first harvest for the new year, tomatoes and my first cucumber
My latest attempt at growing tomatoes looks a lot more promising than past attempts, with these four roma variety fruits produced within a few short months of planting out the seedlings into 30cm pots. I've been fertilising these fruits weekly with seasol. I think this is proving to be worth the ffort considering how little I had to do to keep these plants happy for a couple of months.
this lovely was waiting after our 4 days away in Stanthorpe
The yellow pear variety of tomato didn't cope with the heat as well. It had been having trouble, drying out within one day, so I added water crystals, a saucer and mulch, but it still didn't help enough. When we got back from our holiday, most of the plant had wilted and died. At the moment, it still has an awful lot of fruit on it, but I think in future I will skip this variety because our summers are just too hot.
this roma variety seemed to cope better with our hot summer

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