Friday, June 28, 2013

Wiggly Worms and Pancakes with Play-dough

Last night David and I made some play-dough, seeing as we've decided to keep Thomas home from day-care for now at least, so we need to find more activities to do with him. And the playdough was a success, this morning Thomas has already played with it for two spurts of 15 minutes each, and I'll drag it out again later today.
Thomas squishing play-dough with his fingers
making wriggly worms with play-dough
He made "wiggly worms" and "pancakes", then a tower of worms and pancakes, then pancake worms. Often he would intently squish small pieces of play-dough between his fingers. This is a great activity to develop the muscles in his hands in preparation for fine motor skills like writing. We used a recipe at, it was easy enough for me to do so will have to make more again, possibly next week.
a tower of toddler made wriggly worms and pancakes

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