Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hexagon Jackets

I saw this baby's hexagon jacket at Crochet Soiree and thought it was so cute and might be fun to try, even though there isn't anyone in particular for me to be making it for!
white hexagon jacket
I didn't follow a pattern, just made a couple of hexagons and joined them together. The orange and blue one was my first try, which wasn't quite right but I thought it might do as a toy's jacket. I covered an old button with the blue wool. Then I did the white one, which fits on my big teddy. I think it looks rather pretty with the pink buttons which I haven't decided to attach yet or not.  I've been feeling a bit blue the last couple of days to be honest, but I don't feel like I'm allowed to express my opinion, even on my very own blog that no one actually reads! Go figure.
hexagon jacket for a toy


  1. Well I read your blog Teena.Iam a great grandmother and love to crochet,Ilive in NEW ZEALAND......I have just finished 7 of these hexagon jackets have put collars on some and picot edging on all.
    They are for gifts for my nearly born grandies.Thanks for the covered buttons idea keep up the BLOGS they interest many i am sure.

  2. I love this cream sweater...can I have the pattern, never crocheted a sweater before...

  3. Here is a link to the pattern I'm glad you like it, goodluck with it, its real easy:)


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