Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Charm Pincushion

I started the week off yesterday morning with a quick tidy up and stocktake of my current projects. I had some scraps lying around that needed a home and last week's scraptrap was currently deployed! So I quickly whipped this one up, and already its full of scraps and finished to become a lucky love charm or pincushion... or both!

I was upstairs in my sewing room and couldn't be bothered coming downstairs to the computer to check the love heart patterns, so did the only one I could remember from the top of my head. The new scraptrap just had to be a love heart, right? The square based love heart was the only one I could remember, probably because I actually didn't follow a pattern for that one, its just a square with trebles to form the cheeks. I made one, then did a row of trebles along the side which would become a side panel of the 3d heart. Then I made a second heart, putting the treble cheeks where they would match the first heart. It was all matching up nicely, I just had to sew around the two sets of heart cheeks using slip stitch, then a few more trebles down the other side. I left an opening for the scraps to go in during the day, and also some from today went in. I just closed up the opening when it was full. I added a chain at the top, so if I want to hang it up, like in a window or something, I can.

I think this very simple pattern will make a lovely luck charm to hang in our home somewhere, or I'll probably use it as a pincushion so I can retire the silly old spider thing I made! If anyone would like the pattern for this 3D heart charm, just let me know. I'm pretty sure I could write it out if anyone wanted me to.

If you'd like to use this idea on your own website, please link to my blog :)

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