Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet & Salty Pickled Ginger

I was pleasantly surprised how easy this was and how well it turned out. I was worried the fresh ginger in my ginger pot wasn't going to last, so I quickly whipped this up while I waited to go on a raid!

I did not follow the recipe exactly, but I did get the idea from the taste recipe for pickled ginger. All I did was peeled the ginger, then sliced it thinly with the veggie peeler. Then I blanched it for 20 seconds in boiling water, drained it then sprinkled the ginger with some salt. In a small jug, using enough white vinegar to cover the ginger, I dissolved enough sugar to saturate it. There was only a little bit of undissolved sugar granules in the bottom. I pat the ginger dry with paper towel, then put it in a small jar.  Then I just added the sugar vinegar, and several hours later it was ready. Like I said, I was surpriised how it tasted, just like the pickled ginger you can get in the sushi bars! LOL, maybe not, but its very good for homemade!!!

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