Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What is this Wretched Malady??

Oh yes. I vowed Never Ever to do this. But here you have it, facewashers edged with crochet. Who can tell what possessed me to engage in such frivolity? I guess I'm just bored. So unwholesome is this wretched malady, that I now feel a compulsion to edge all facewashers in my house!

Somebody stop me!!!


  1. I am a crocheter as well..I love the face cloths or face washers as you say. with their crocheted edgings. Not so many years ago, it seemed like everything had a crocheted or tatted edging..and looked so dainty and beautiful. I love the granny square blocks you've done as well.I've become a follower..can't wait to see what you make next..
    p.s. Have you ever made crocheted rag rugs?? I love doing them,lthough it takes a bit of time to get the materials ready..

  2. I'm glad you like my first attempt at edging a face cloth! And yes, I have made one crochet rag rug so far, which is now in my kitchen and going strong. It took a lot of work and I blogged about it http://www.flushedwithrosycolour.com/2010/02/05/love-heart-rag-rug/
    I've started saving old clothes to make another one hopefully for our ensuite. It definitely is time consuming to do.


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