Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old Pa Murphy's Garden Hoe

Here is a picture of the old garden hoe David used in Stanthorpe when we were helping his dad with some Spring planting. It used to belong to Brian's father, who was also known as Pa Murphy. That's why Brian likes to be called Pa Murphy, to carry on the tradition.
an old hoe belonging to the Murphy family
This old garden hoe is so old, it even has rounded corners, when originally it had been square. Old Pa Murphy was a farmer on his property in Kyogle in New South Wales. All of my son's great-grandparents are from N.S.W., he's a real Aussie!
David with his grandfather's old garden hoe

1 comment:

  1. On Facebook, Brian says "This old hoe, has chipped its way for many miles, up & down the the rows of the pumpkin patch, then off to the water melon patch, then on to the tomato patch..."


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