Friday, November 9, 2012

Planting Potted Tomatoes in Brisbane

I've decided to make another attempt at growing tomatoes, after a flush of cherry tomatoes in recent months. They've finished now, so I've planted out these two seedlings into 30cm pots.
two potted tomato seedlings with bamboo trellis and companion plants basil, rosemary and lavender
After a recent visit to my father-in-law's garden in Stanthorpe, I was inspired to try again with his advice. These two seedlings came from his greenhouse, made from recycled materials. One is a roma tomato and the other is a yellow pear.
Freya and Brian made this greenhouse from recycled materials
First, I prepared the pots with ripped up egg carton in the bottom to stop the soil from falling through the drainage holes. Then I filled the 30cm plastic pots with premium potting mix. I use plastic pots because they are lighter than pottery, and easier to remove a plant for transplanting. Planting in pots also makes the garden more flexible with placements. I moved 3 companion herbs to sit next the the tomatoes, as they are notorious for liking company like basil, rosemary and lavender. I prepared the soil with blood and bone, and a general slow release fertiliser like Osmocote, and watered that in.

Finally, after planting the seedlings into the pots, I rigged up some trellis with bamboo from my mother's house and some kitchen twisties.  A week later and the seedlings are looking quite keen, almost as keen as I am to see how this latest project grows.

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