Thursday, November 29, 2012

Large Blue String Bag

I finished this blue string bag a couple of weeks ago, but I've finally got my camera back so I can take some photos. This is the first thing I've managed to complete from a book I borrowed from the library called 'Crochet so fine'. Its full of beautiful crochet patterns, but none of the yarn I have stashed here could make anything other than this bag from some blue 4 ply cotton.
large blue string 'willow' bag
I even tried making a lacy cardigan with some left over 4 ply wool, but when I got more than half way through it I realised the American pattern called for what I understand to be 2 ply lace weight. No wonder it wasn't working out! For this large string bag, I used less than three 50g balls of blue 4 ply cotton and a 3mm hook. I actually made it larger than the pattern called for when I suddenly realised I needed to start the edging, but I don't mind as this generously sized bag will be a perfect carry-all to take to the beach!
detail of the willow pattern
It took me a few moments to try and decipher how to do the double treble linked whatever it was called, but I persisted and figured it out. The foundation single crochet stitch just wasn't going to work out for me though, and I figured a chain of 72 then an extra round of sc inserted above it would probably be quicker so I did that instead.
this bag is quite big and long, next one will be shorter
I'm quite happy with how this turned out, and I'm wondering if I should order some green 4 ply from Bendigo and make one to sell in my shop? I wonder what price I should put on it and if anyone would like it? Talking of my shop, I'm happy to report someone has finally bought something, they bought the set of 6 spring flower coasters. Its only the 5th time someone has bought something from me, and the first time from the shop. At least I don't feel so bad now about the money I spent there to list the items in the first place!

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