Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aunty Annie's English Porcelain

Last month, when I visited my mother she spoke to me about this English Porcelain that once belonged to a lady we call Aunty Annie.
three pieces of old English porcelain
Aunty Annie was the lady who married my father's grandfather Charlie after his wife died. So really, she wasn't an aunty, she was a step-grandma. Aunty Annie's best friend was my grandmother Beverly's mother, Mary Margeretta, or Aunty May. That's how my parent's met, because My father's mum Mavis and Beverly knew each other, and conspired to have my parents go on a date!
the Imperial stamp on the back of the casserole dishes
My grandma Beverly inherited Aunty Annie's things, instead of my grandmother Mavis. Who can understand the reason? But in the end, it is in my mother's cabinet. These three pieces were the only ones that weren't chipped, the rest of the set was thrown out. It's not worth a great deal of money, but it's one of our family treasures that helps tell the story of our family.

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