Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green and White Baby Blanket

It took me about a week to do this, only working on it while downstairs when David was cooking or watching TV, using a 5mm hook and some soft thin yarn so the end result is nice and lacy. I'm linking this post in with Transformation Thursday, a blog party hosted by The Shabby Chic Cottage.

I just wanted something easy to do without a pattern, so I made this one up! It's pretty easy. I just started with 80 chains, plus 2 more to make the first treble (American double) of the first row. There are 4 x 20 chain sections, each consists of the same pattern. I used a couple of big balls of wool in the stash I've been given which I want to use up, and I thought green and white were good uni-sex colours for a baby. The end result is 60cm x 65cm.

4 x 20 chain pattern - 6 trebles (US dc), sk 2, 2 tr in next ch 2 2 tr in same, sk 2, 2 tr ch 2 2 tr in same, sk 2, 6 tr

repeat pattern 4 times for each row, turn, ch 2 to form 1st tr of next row

I changed colours every 5 rows, with a total of 50 rows (10 stripes of 5 rows each)


row 1.  (in each corner 3 tr 2 ch 3 tr in same), sk 1 space, 2 tr 2 ch 2 tr in same, sk 1 space, repeat to end,  sl st (one space needed 2 sk instead of 1 to even it up)

row 2. in contrast colour (in each corner 3 tr 2 ch 3 tr in same), in next 2 ch space 2 tr 2 ch 2 tr, repeat to end, sl st

I'm planning to use up most of the wool I own, making items that will hopefully be useful in our future. Hopefully this light and lacy blankie will be handy!

<3 <3 <3

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  1. The blanket is beautiful. The colours are very pretty and I agree they make a good unisex blanket. Thanks so much for the pattern too.

  2. A baby blankie to be proud of, you are a talented crocheter.
    Thanks for your visits to my site and your encouraging comment.
    Love and Hugs - Jan

  3. Oh so gorgeous...wonderful!! so charming too!

  4. Hi Teena, Your baby blanket is so pretty. I love the lacy design you created. The colors are so soft and pretty for a boy or girl. Love it.
    Thank you for passing on the pattern too. You are very talented.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. I love the color. So much work. Love it!

  6. What a lovely baby blanket! I love the colors.


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