Friday, December 31, 2010

A Special Bear for Thomas

We have been given some gifts from several close friends and family, including this bear from Megan! Here are a couple of images of what he has been up to lately.

He is a special bear, his tag says his name is "Ellerslie". I think he is around the same size Thomas is at the moment, maybe even a little bigger. We're not allowed to put anything with Tom inside the humidicrib just yet. I did put the blue boy doll inside for a moment just to take a photo, but it wasn't in there for long. Because Tom was born so early, he has to stay in a special crib where it is easy for him to breathe, and keep cosy and warm. We are allowed to take him out to feed him like you can see David doing here, but after that he goes back in his crib.

So Ellerslie has been hanging out with me to keep me company while I was in hospital, and he was excellent company too! <<< Here he is looking after my eye mask when I wasn't wearing it. >>> Here is another photo of teddy with my comfy green neck pillow. I think he was "looking after it", too! Ellerslie is wearing the special yellow beanie that Tom was wearing in his first photo, as it is just the right fit!

Thankyou to Megan for this special gift, Ellerslie the teddy bear is sure to be part of the action!

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  1. Precious baby boy-he is just beautiful. Hope you are all doing well. Happy New Year.


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