Monday, March 4, 2013

Daisy-centered Irish Rose, free pattern

This tiny daisy is how I prefer to do the centre of an Irish Rose, which is traditionally a wheel of 6 spokes. I prefer this daisy in the centre, I just think it looks nicer!
An Irish Rose with a daisy centre in pink and purple
Tiny Daisy in 2 Rounds
1. 3 ch sl st to 1st ch to form loop, 1 ch 6 sc into loop, sl st to 1st sc
2. (3 ch sl st to next) repeated a total of 6 times (6 looped petals)
A blue Irish Rose with a white daisy centre
If you would like to turn this into an Irish Rose with a daisy centre, change colours and continue ontp this 3rd round.
3. attach new colour to any ch sp (2 ch 3dc into same 2 ch sl st into same, sl st into next ch sp) repeat for each ch sp (6 petals)
4. turn so you are working on the backside of the flower, (3 ch, sc around the next post of round 2) repeat for each post
5. turn so you are working again on the front side of the flower, (sl st into next ch sp, 3 ch 4 dc into same 3 ch sl st into same) repeat for each chain space, sl st into 1st ch sp and fasten off

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