Sunday, March 3, 2013

Heather's Rose pattern

I've finally been able to finish the Heather's Rose pattern enough to get it onto Ravelry. I've been working on this pattern for nearly 12 months, when I first posted about it here on this blog back in July. The finished PDF has 6 photos, and two actual patterns, so a lot of work for one small flower!
Heather's Rose can have optional stamen, like these white ones
Its a special flower I've named after my mum, who was my first crochet teacher. Hopefully the photos show how pretty this flower is and some people decide they'd like to make some!
the internal petals can sit up like this
the internal petals can curl down flat like this
a red and pink Heather's Rose with yellow stamen
a variegated yarn can show the interesting way the internal petals furl


  1. Thank you--your Mum is lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter!


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