Friday, July 26, 2013

Veggie Patch Winter 2013

The small 1m x 1m veggie patch has already turned out to be productive and earning it's keep. The spinach has been particularly successful, providing evening meals greens several times already with lots more left. We added some beetroot to last weekend's casserole which turned it red but also very yummy! The beetroot is naturally sweet and very tasty. I haven't been fertilising this yet even though its been up for a couple of months. When the spinach is finished I will have to fertilise the strawberries if there's any hope of getting any fruit. I don't like our chances of that!
this 1m x 1m veggie patch has spinach and beetroot, with strawberries in each corner
There's isn't much else to report from my garden at the moment due to the move and reducing the number of pots we have. The rosemary is still going well and the two lavender plants are currently flowering. The basil is looking pretty scrawny, I'm thinking of putting some small plants in the ground. If I get around to it!

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