Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pipecleaners and a Strainer

Here's another no-mess toddler activity that doesn't cost much money. I spent just $2 on some pipe-cleaners from K-mart and used my large plastic strainer from the kitchen. Again, this is a great fine-motor activity for young children. I saw this idea on pinterest, and decided this would be safe for Thomas with supervision. On the packet, the pipe-cleaners say they are a choking hazard for under 3 year olds, but I couldn't see it! Maybe if he was chewing on a pipe-cleaner for a while, a small piece of metal might come loose, but he would have to be chewing on it for a while I think! But just to be sure, I sit with him during this activity.
poking pipecleaners through the holes in a strainer is great to help develop fine-motor coordination

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