Monday, August 19, 2013

Rectangle Dolly Blanket

My niece has requested another dolly blanket, so this is what I came up with quickly in one afternoon while my son had his nap. I saw a picture of a granny rectangle which links to the pattern, I didn't follow the pattern, just used the picture as a guide. I did one lareg rectangle this time instead of lots of little squares like last time as I think there is less chance of it coming undone. I used brightly coloured acrylic so its easier to wash if it needs it, and a 4mm hook. I couldn't resist a fun fluffy white edge!
pink haired Barbie poses with the new dolly blanket
Here is my favourite pink haired Barbie posing with the blanket, no wonder she needs a blanket she's wearing a bathing suit, and in this weather! lol
brightly coloured rectangle doll's blanket with white edge

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