Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year has Begun

Every year I reflect on the previous year's resolutions and set new goals for the new year. This year is proving to be more difficult than most as I've been having trouble with health problems lately. So my main goal for 2014 is to get healthy!

Since my spurt of crochet activity in October my left hand has become much more numb and very weak, so much so that I can now longer crochet! This is terrible for me, as I had plenty of plans to use up the large amount of cotton I bought from Bendigo Woollen Mills recently, but now I'm left with nothing else to do but browse facebook! So my main short term goal is to get my hand sorted out so I can return to some sense of normality.
our new herb garden after just two months growth
In the mean time, I've discovered a new website called Goodreads that recommends new books to read depending on ratings you've given books you've already read. So I think some reading is in store for the new year! And of course another new years resolution is to keep trying with the exercise. We have a new exercise bike set up in the living room which I can use, its just getting on it that's the challenge! And like last year, gardening is still a goal for me. I'd love to get out more into the garden on our new suburban block. We have a new raised garden bed coming soon which I hope to blog about in another month or two.

What are your new year's resolutions?

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