Friday, June 26, 2015

Two-way Teacosy photo tutorial

I made my first granny square two-way teacosy back in August 2012 and I was asked for the pattern. Well its been a long time coming, but here is the photo tutorial! Its a very easy pattern but a bit hard to explain without photos. Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything!
this is the "Spring Day" side of the two way teacosy
this is the "Dark Day" side of the two-way teacosy
1. make two granny squares of contrasting colours
1b. one granny square covers about half of your tea pot
2. make two more squares the same so you now have four
3. put one more round around one square, weave in ends
4. put one more round in the same colour on a contrasting square, weave in ends
5. in the same colour, start a round on another square, join at the corner with sc
6. join in between two more granny clusters with sc
7. cont. the round as a normal granny square until the last two clusters, and join with sc in between
8. join the other side of the two squares in the same way
9. complete the round so you have a sleeve of two granny squares, fasten off and weave in ends
9b. your granny square sleeve would fit over your teapot like this

10. join the contrasting squares in the same way, but do not fasten off
11. turn the first sleeve inside out
12. place the first sleeve inside the second sleeve, matching up the holes like this
13. chain 3 to begin the next round
14. crochet a granny cluster in a space of both sleeves joining them together
15. continue the round joining the sleeves in the spaces between the granny clusters, cont all the way around the top
16. in the same colour or a contrasting colour, make another granny cluster round around the top
17. do an opt round of petals (5 dc into middle dc of granny cluster, sl st into sp), fasten off and weave in ends
18. count the granny clusters around the top and times by 3, make a ch of that length (eg. 20 clusters x 3 = 60 ch)
19. thread the chain in between the space between the granny clusters of the 3rd last round
20. weave the chain in between the granny clusters all the way around the top
21. sl st into 1st chain to for a loop
22. Place over tea pot and pull drawstring chain tight

Congratulations, you have made a granny square two-way teacosy! Enjoy that warm cuppa this winter, and let me know what you think!

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